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I have always always enjoyed working with my hands and have been crafting and building things for most of my life. In 2008 I decided to make a career out of it and started school at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in wood working in 2010.


Process is an important aspect of how we work. Sometimes this involves working through a set of details provided by an architect. Other times we develop a design by working with clients and using  3-D computer models and scale process models to create what the client envisions.​


Currently, the shop works with architects, designers and home owners to develop and build objects that are aesthetically pleasing, tactile and fit their needs.Past clients include SKL Architects, Graham Baba Architects, Hing Hay Coworks, Pioneer Collective, King County Library System, University of Washington Law School, Plum Bistro and many more.


Please contact us for references and check out our blog for updates on our latest projects or for more information about our work and process.


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