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Glulam Tables and Benches for Kingsgate Library

Small and large side tables made from salvaged glulams and steel plate for the Kingsgate Library (part of KCLS). Designed by Gladys Ly Au Young of SKL Architects.


glulam side table for kcls vertical top view
kcls glulam side table vertical
kingsgatelibrary sidetables glulam and steel horizontal
kingsgatelibrary glulam sidetables horizontal details
kingsgatelibrary glulam sidetables vertical 2
kingsgate library glulam sidetables horizontal
KCLS entry benches weld and glue
glulam benches kcls kingsgate library
kcls glulam side table vertical piece with steel
kcls entry benches glulam
kcls side table delivery
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